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Article How do I access my cPanel?
You can get to your control panel by going to or...
Views: 989
Article How to change file permissions
In order to change the permission of a file, the first thing you need to do is to login to your...
Views: 1048
Article How to create files and folders
In order to create a new folder from your File Manager, please go to your www folder and click...
Views: 996
Article How to create FTP accounts
To create a new FTP account from the cPanel, please click the FTP Manager icon. Select the FTP...
Views: 974
Article How to delete files and folders
It is easy to delete a file, but sometimes it is not what you would like to actually do. In order...
Views: 1029
Article How to move and copy a file
Sometimes you need to move files from one directory to another, or would like to make a copy for...
Views: 971
Article How to rename a file
Sometimes you want to have a newer version of a file uploaded in your webspace, while keeping the...
Views: 981

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