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Article Creating Backups
What are Backups?Backups allow you to download (to your computer) a zipped copy of either you...
Views: 964
Article Error Pages
With this tool you can create custom error pages to display when a user enters a wrong URL, an...
Views: 976
Article Frontpage Extensions
Frontpage Extensions allow you to publish your site directly from the FrontPage application....
Views: 978
Article How do I password protect a directory?
You can password protect directories within your web site from unauthorized users by using "Web...
Views: 969
Article What directory do I need to upload my website to?
In order for people to view any content on your account you will need to upload all of your files...
Views: 980
Article What is a virtual domain?
A virtual domain is a domain name that points to a directory within your account\'s public_html...
Views: 1026
Article What is cPanel and what does it control about my website?
Server cPanel Access:cPanel is a server control panel for your "YOURWEBSITE.COM" web account. It...
Views: 984
Article Why can?t I send mail from my computer, but I can receive email just fine.
This is normally caused by one of two things. Either your email client does not have...
Views: 957
Article Why is my index page not loading?
You need to make sure you upload all of your content into the public_html directory. If you put...
Views: 979

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